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BEST OF DASHCAMS - DRIVING FAILS, INSTANT KARMA & WTF Compilation | CarCrashesTime 2021 - Episode #1 - outlandersport.vn


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BEST OF DASHCAMS - DRIVING FAILS, INSTANT KARMA & WTF Compilation | CarCrashesTime 2021 - Episode #110:20

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Only best videos caught on camera from roads around the world. This episode is created for educational purposes - watch and learn from the mistakes of others with the help of our time stamps and captions. ► Submit your video here: https://submit.carcrashestime.com Driving fails, instant karma and road rage videos featured in this episode are from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, USA, Canada, Germany and other countries! Thank You For Watching - be careful on the road. All content in this video is used with the permission of the original owners or their distributors. A big thank you to everyone who allowed to use their clips! ⏱️TIMESTAMPS⏱️ 0:00 Intro 0:08 Car gets cut off and crashes into barrels https://youtu.be/miscSFK4Wu4 [Fresno DashCam Catches] 0:21 Niles Ohio Car Crash / Accident https://youtu.be/wzhuAqydvOM [Mary Margaret] 0:28 3 Car Crash Manchester Rd and Westmark Drive (rear Angle) https://youtu.be/wEUnrkBibcQ [Jordane] 0:42 Hit and Run in Oakland California caught on dash cam Full Video! https://youtu.be/BRvDNAYz-0I [Redneck Mayhem] 0:57 Hit and run! https://youtu.be/509Rq0r3uV4 [Sean Booth] 1:05 Idiot in car https://youtu.be/PSjjGKXnR-c [Chad B.] 1:23 Belton officer, state troopers face close call when 18-wheeler loses control [Belton Police] 1:34 Caught on Ring - STOLEN CAR HIGH-SPEED CRASH! https://youtu.be/NXiU9UPkF1M [LovelyLiv] 1:44 ICBC: Car accident Main & Broadway Vancouver BC https://youtu.be/xgrk-eTjoJc [Joe Counsellor] 1:53 Dashcam in NJ snow of car crash https://youtu.be/Wl74eVZtCUs [Steven Meyer] 2:01 Light rail vs Car Collision caught on Big Rig Dash Cam https://youtu.be/OzmFEKyNq9s [Redneck Mayhem] 2:10 Cop Car Chase Ends in Accident! https://youtu.be/-2RLfLvSPMc [Roy Smith] 2:34 Crash on Highway 290 https://youtu.be/69nwNWnEmBw [Jaime Martínez] 2:43 Driving fail- car crash https://youtu.be/QtwJmFux6Cs [Drew Woelfer] 2:52 Hit and Run accident witnessed https://youtu.be/5qUa837BEgA [J K] 3:06 Road rage - Brake check gone bad https://youtu.be/dhVHPvKnv0w [David D] 3:27 ДТП Любителям ездить за мигалками посвящается ! https://youtu.be/w0tL2t4kGHw [Evgeniy xxx] 3:41 Car crash Columbus Ohio SR-161 https://youtu.be/YOV6pnWwCHQ [Bad Drivers of Ohio] 3:48 ВРЕЗАЛСЯ В БУКСИР https://youtu.be/e3YgMhk3NXE [Evgeniy xxx] 3:58 ДТП https://youtu.be/ZbtNjJU1tEA [Georgiy Andreev] 4:11 Is this the stupidest crash you have ever seen? https://youtu.be/IJjmqF3MKjM [London UK Cam] 4:21 Дтп https://youtu.be/7IrW703ocw8 [докер] 4:29 HIGH SPEED CAR CRASH 1080P HD with Sound Audi TT and Mercedes S Class London https://youtu.be/8e_i0809Csk [London UK Cam] 4:35 Dashcam of Accident in front of me https://youtu.be/gZFUsXiWKLk [Paul Trepanier] 4:46 Car accident hitting tree https://youtu.be/8p2iNPPGRTk [Mark B] 4:54 Car Crash https://youtu.be/Gvrfj5f_SP0 [Kat Garcia] 5:09 Car Accident 403 Burlington https://youtu.be/exN7WhRfq4A [Brandon] 5:23 Just caught this car crash on my dash cam. https://youtu.be/jnsBzA3o_m8 [MemeRaid] 5:34 NYC Car Accident https://youtu.be/LcYPOLP-ies [Gaming Time] 5:46 Weird Stuff We've Seen Driving https://youtu.be/OHTqHwU1-Uo [Bad Drivers of Duval County] 5:53 Eyes up👀people https://youtu.be/w-K6H8AUR0k [Vince Erminio] 5:59 пронесло [stefi_8002] 6:09 Авария ДТП https://youtu.be/QavVn38ygB0 [Александр Александр] 6:18 Near Miss Short Version https://youtu.be/PLUtJYfK9hs [Vincent prado] 6:27 WU8623E https://youtu.be/PFNR7aepkAY [Marcin B] 6:58 Artic truck rolls over on roundabout driver ok https://youtu.be/0_fuVOdcs8s [Idiot drivers on our roads] 7:07 Car accident on Lakeshore Drive, Chicago https://youtu.be/8Ehk6tskX2s [Chloe B] 7:20 Cement Truck Flips Onto Jeep https://youtu.be/avqXXeEorWE [primetime43] 7:30 Close Call - Almost Head On Collision with Car Hauler https://youtu.be/HN04pw6ez1w [vegajay] 7:46 Near miss car spin out caused by aggressive driving and not paying attention https://youtu.be/bbQbW0ygqs4 [DIPSHITDRIVERS] 7:59 NEAR MISS! Biker narrowly avoided! | Davie FL | Pedestrian Fail https://youtu.be/OR3pVrLWbpI [Owen Miller] 8:07 Stolen U-Haul Truck Near Miss in Seattle https://youtu.be/r-vdEMLJquU [ccdecker] 8:13 you should have some car accident experience... go... https://youtu.be/IPtUsy3ajBE [Alexey Smirnov] 8:20 УЧИТЕЛЬ НА АУДИ https://youtu.be/01g5D1QbPIo [Evgeniy xxx] 8:39 Running from a hit and run https://youtu.be/hK50nUS0FjM [Chris Noel] 8:49 Unsafe Motorcycle passing semi https://youtu.be/vSHPqV1Bj2s [ A J198913] 9:12 Ну как так-то_ Часть https://youtu.be/_EuACkcrDiQ [БФГ] 9:25 Dash cam idiot 2 https://youtu.be/XUVSp8BqwFw [Nathan Gollihar] 9:37 E430 240kmh almost crash https://youtu.be/YfBAl0uqnq0 [BBS Rene] 10:00 Gsxr 600 Close Call https://youtu.be/XU0G7pKlcuE [Sean Phelan] 10:07 Submit your video, vote, subscribe & drive safely! Music created by: NSC Song: Elektronomia - Energy [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds Free Download/Stream: https://ncs.io/energy Watch: https://youtu.be/fzNMd3Tu1Zw