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FORTNITE FAILS & Epic Wins! #190 (Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments)10:18

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The best Fortnite Fails, Funny Moments, Oddly Satisfying Moments & Epic Wins! ► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE FORTNITE FAILS/WINS! https://bit.ly/TeamRedArcade ✦ Submit YOUR Fails/Funny Moments! https://redarcade.com/submit Welcome back to episode 190 of Fortnite Fails & Epic Wins! We have some amazing clips this episode. Hopefully you enjoyed this video and if you did be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more Fortnite! Also be sure to comment letting us know what your favorite part was :) ► Follow us here for more highlights! • Facebook: https://facebook.com/redarcade • Instagram: https://instagram.com/redarcade • Twitter: https://twitter.com/redarcade ► Check out some other videos! • Previous Episode: https://youtu.be/3m0KLu6hdi0 • Rainbow Six Siege Ep. 136: https://youtu.be/GKvMXoYjlJk • GTA 5 Ep. 70: https://youtu.be/Ytt0FkGKIuw ► Featured Playlists: • Fortnite: https://bit.ly/RAFortnite • Rainbow Six Siege: https://bit.ly/RARainbow6 • GTA 5: https://redarca.de/GTA5Videos 🎮 Featured Players: Catalyst901: https://redarca.de/WBTRJ Otheo-nite: https://redarca.de/wd27G slendermemphis: https://redarca.de/yp5IZ Xx-JamesGamingXx: https://redarca.de/yctjd FortniteFan89: xd_HavN: Stampy422: https://redarca.de/wBhLx Vhxpnotix: https://redarca.de/E0Vfw xd EvadE Ω: Sir 09: https://redarca.de/ceu3c melangas1: https://redarca.de/fBh99 chicylol: https://redarca.de/SMCY3 duskyxlops: https://redarca.de/AQ562 Asolt14: https://redarca.de/IsK2M The Grand Slap: __Meme_Machine__: https://redarca.de/0J3YB BlueLepoard: https://redarca.de/uek6V Ler: https://redarca.de/2fJtR SoggyHealer68: https://redarca.de/8QjPg I-only-playas-aura: https://redarca.de/KTeJS dumbb girl: BubbyMana: https://redarca.de/bMBn6 Twitch Yxchxb: https://redarca.de/OjPQw M7sticX: https://redarca.de/igWg2 One-prize: 8BitFarting: https://redarca.de/jqtHx FlymasterKyle: https://redarca.de/amplt Dannitete: https://redarca.de/GQfME YoU_GoT_SpAmZz: SillySquirtle5: https://redarca.de/Q9eg6 Hereforthelolsz: https://redarca.de/P4bMl Leon82Li: https://redarca.de/uWjiQ DEADLYWOMBAT379: GFXDreams: https://redarca.de/PPODr Xraytag235543: https://redarca.de/zjo8G NCR_Infinity: https://redarca.de/LEF1Z Scryzyy: https://redarca.de/U5AFf RYAN201383: H4CHE27: https://redarca.de/BVjld TheLgiver21: https://redarca.de/3yBlR TechFNBR: https://redarca.de/8btLj anvex: https://redarca.de/EroQg Winston FN: norcalfraid: https://redarca.de/XlJbk Fake juli: Fortnite Man: StueyLV: https://redarca.de/SDzEG Jasonful: https://redarca.de/GvOU3 Dragionix: https://redarca.de/33Dr0 WLDBEZERK: https://redarca.de/t1S6f FireThunder: https://redarca.de/AEF8d Liboy 678: Oxid Kundíku: https://redarca.de/Wq5b8 Rubique ttv: https://redarca.de/b7dHy AntiSZN: https://redarca.de/bSX4A choda22: lloadedd/: https://redarca.de/a4nC7 Jamison Ramon: https://redarca.de/0vZLk Vyse_domo: https://redarca.de/stLWE © Red Arcade always has the player's permission to feature their clip. If there are any mistakes with the credits, or someone submitted your clip claiming it was theirs please email us: [email protected] On Red Arcade you'll find all the greatest gaming clips from your favorite games combined with creative and high-quality editing. We spend 15-18 hours editing to transform the clips into something unique you can't find anywhere else! #RedArcade #Fortnite #Fails #FunnyMoments #EpicMoments #Wins #EpicWins